hIOmon Software and Services

hIOmon Tools Overview

hyperI/O℠ offers the following hIOmon™ storage I/O performance monitoring tools, which are available upon a subscription-fee basis:


• The hIOmon "Workload I/O Profiler (WIOP)", which provides an "out-of-the-box", fully-automated approach to configuring the hIOmon software.  It enables you to easily and quickly characterize the specific "I/O profiles" of your particular applications and disks.

The hIOmon WIOP can automatically-summarize – even in realtime – the I/O operation trace data that has been captured at the physical disk level within the operating system I/O stack by the Microsoft® "Event Tracing for Windows (ETW)" facility.


• The hIOmon "Workload I/O Profiler for Files (WIOPF)", which extends the hIOmon WIOP with additional configuration options such as the ability to explicitly specify which particular files are to be monitored.  Automatically-aggregated summary metrics can be collected not only upon an individual file basis, but also upon an individual Logical Disk basis as well.



Both of these tools enable you to immediately collect, display, and export summary I/O operation performance metrics.

And the comprehensive set of summary metrics provided by the WIOP and WIOPF include the hIOmon "Performance Threshold Range Metrics", the hIOmon DXTI metric, and many more.  Plus these metrics can easily be accessed over the Internet using the hIOmon REST API.

Simple, Quick, and Easy  –  plus Private, Secure, and Cost-Effective Too!

Besides being simple, quick, and easy to use, the tools enable users to maintain their privacy and security.  There is no need to send any of your I/O operation trace or other data to hyperI/O for summarization or any other processing.  The tools are installed within minutes using the standard Windows Installer; no operating system, application, file system, file or disk changes are required.

And to additionally enhance security, hIOmon software components are digitally code-signed to ensure that the software came from hyperI/O and to protect the hIOmon software from subsequent alteration.

Determining and assessing storage I/O performance can be complicated (if not perplexing).  A primary goal of hIOmon is to help simplify such efforts without sacrificing accuracy, precision, and relevance.

The hIOmon WIOP and WIOPF enable you to determine and evaluate your particular storage I/O operation performance (especially the particular "I/O profiles" pertinent to your specific applications, workloads, and devices) in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner.


hIOmon Software from hyperI/O


The hIOmon software from hyperI/O enables you to capture, collect, display, export, and monitor a wide variety of disk I/O operation metrics based upon empirical data – and all from the perspective of the individual files, devices, and applications used within your own production environment, and with no operating system, disk, file, or application changes required.  See "hIOmon Benefits" to learn more about how hIOmon can help you.

For sample screen shots, see the hIOmon Disk I/O Ranger Display and the hIOmon I/O Trender Display.


Bringing Transparency to Disk I/O Performance℠