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hIOmon WIOPF Subscription Extension - 6 Months

Subscription extension for the hIOmon WIOPF Workstation or Workstation/Server version.


Note that the first extension period includes the initial 30 days from the date that the hIOmon software was installed. That is, the initial 6 months extension reflects an additional 5 months of usage from the end of the first month when the hIOmon software was installed (for an overall total of 6 months of usage beginning from when the hIOmon software was installed).


A subsequent Subscription Extension extends the subscription from the end of the prior subscription extension.


Also note that the "ending date" of a subscription extension reflects the date upon which the extended subscription will terminate (and so the date upon which the hIOmon WIOPF software will no longer run).

SKU: 29114-317-180


Versions Supported: hIOmon WIOPF (either Workstation or hIOmon Workstation/Server version

Additional Information:  See "How to Extend a hIOmon Subscription"

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