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hIOmon WIOPF Subscription Extension - 12 Months

Subscription extension for the hIOmon WIOPF Workstation or Workstation/Server version.


Note that the first extension period includes the initial 30 days from the date that the hIOmon software was installed. That is, the initial 12 months extension reflects an additional 11 months of usage from the end of the first month when the hIOmon software was installed (for an overall total of 12 months of usage beginning from when the hIOmon software was installed).


A subsequent Subscription Extension extends the subscription from the end of the prior subscription extension.


Also note that the "ending date" of a subscription extension reflects the date upon which the extended subscription will terminate (and so the date upon which the hIOmon WIOPF software will no longer run).

SKU: 29114-317-365


Versions Supported: hIOmon WIOPF (either Workstation or hIOmon Workstation/Server version

Additional Information:  See "How to Extend a hIOmon Subscription"

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