hIOmon Software and Services

Activation Keys

All of the hIOmon WIOP, WIOPF, and REST API software packages are offered as a service upon a 30-day subscription-fee usage basis.

A temporary licensing period is established when the purchased WIOP (or WIOPF or REST API) software is installed.  This period is seven (7) days in length; it begins upon the date that the hIOmon software is installed, which must be within the month of purchase.  The associated expiration date is the day following the last day of the temporary licensing period.  The hIOmon software will no longer be operable when the expiration date is reached.

The proper "hIOmon Activation Key" must be obtained from hyperI/O LLC and then activated during this temporary licensing period (i.e., before the temporary expiration date is reached) in order to enable the full time period purchased by the subscription fee.

A "hIOmon Activation Key" is a specific software character-string value generated by hyperI/O LLC based upon the particular hIOmon Product ID and the installation date of the installed hIOmon software package.  When activated, the proper hIOmon Key will remove the temporary licensing period and advance the expiration date in accordance with the actual hIOmon software installation date and the time period purchased by the subscription fee (e.g., 30 days from the date when the hIOmon software was installed).

Details about activating a hIOmon software subscription can be found here.

Extended-use licenses for additional days can be purchased separately for an individual licensed WIOP or WIOPF software package.  Details about purchasing and activating a subscription extension can be found here.

Also note that a registered account is required to make purchases.